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Promoting Innovative, Positive and Safe Internet Use

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Young people

The Internet today offers great scope for learning, creating and connecting with friends and family. At the bottom of the page, there are a sample of links for you to explore. Have fun and remember the WISE code!

W Always ask why a website or someone you make friends with on the Internet would need your personal information. graphic of young girl with a book on Internet safety degisned by Lydia from Newport
I Be inspired! The Internet offers great tools for learning, discovering and creating.
S Be secure. There are constantly new scams, hoaxes, viruses and spyware on the Internet. Install security software to keep your computer and data safe.
E Evaluate the stuff you read, see or receive through the Internet. Just because its on the Internet does not make it true, reliable or genuine.

Internet Safety Video Clips
The following page provides links to a number of video clips provided by Google and others to reflect on different aspects of being safe online....[more]

Games and other cool sites
The Internet offers many  fun activities. You can make a movie online, send an e-greeting card, create an online band and more...


The Internet offers great websites for homework help and learning...[more]

Fun Language
Have you noticed how people chatting on Messenger or sending emails sometimes use a whole new language? Click here to find out more..

Youth creating opportunities

There are many fantastic organisation worldwide which work with youth and help them to connect to each other and create positive change....[more]



Social Networking Sites Sites like Bebo.com and MySpace.com are popular with young people who use them to socialise and network with friends online. Click on our Safe Social Networking page to find out more.

Search the Internet?

Ever wondered if there were search sites just for you? ...[more]

Safety Tips
Learn more about using the Internet safely..[more]

BBC Online Safety
The BBC has an excellent site with Internet  Safety information for all age groups....[more]

Understanding Chat Danger
Childnet have an excellent website on Chat Danger which offers advice on how to keep safe when chatting online.

Internet Safety Games
Check out how clued up you are on Internet Safety with these games...[more]


Cyber Bullying
Many young people today get bullied via their mobile phones or public websites. To learn how to manage these issues, see our page on cyberbullying.

When a young person creates or distributes an explicit image of themselves or their friend/ boyfriend or girlfriend, this is referred to as sexting. To find out more see our page on sexting.

Young people, music and the Internet
Childnet and ProMusic have launched an international campaign to make young people and parents aware of issues to do with downloading music from the Internet ..[more]

Have your say
We would love to hear from you. If you want to send us your thoughts ideas or contributions, send an email to info at wisekids.org.uk replacing the word at with the symbol @ and removing all the spaces.


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